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Coyote Lives In Maine!
America's Songdog

Presentation by Geri Vistein
Carnivore Conservation Biologist

September 27, 7 PM

Geri Vistein Picture

The title of my presentation is "COYOTE ~ AMERICA'S SONGDOG". It is a Powerpoint presentation filled with numerous visuals, and of course, wild songs. Come and learn about this important, resilient carnivore in a way you have never heard before. But this presentation is all about us as well, since we share the landscape and our lives with Coyote. Because the life on earth is deeply interrelated and complex this presentation is inclusive, touching upon Anthropology, Archaeology, Prehistoric and Modern History, Native American life, poetry, Human Psychology, Human Belief Systems, European World Views, Wildlife Science and Ecology, Animal Husbandry, and much more.

It will center on "Perceptions and Relationships"… Coyote and Native Americans and European Americans, Coyote's relationship with other wildlife and the ecosystem, and Coyote and us…how do we coexist with Coyote.

This presentation gives our community members a chance to come together and share your own stories, ask questions you have been wanting to ask, and share a dialogue that helps us all to understand better our very deep rooted relationships with all life, including our fellow humans. Come hear the Song Dogs Sing!

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