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New Books for Aug 2021 
Adams, Sara NishaThe Reading List
Akerman, SaraRadar Girls
Brown, Amy BeldingEmily’s House
Brown, SandraBlind Tiger
Chiaverini, JenniferThe Women’s March
Coulter, CatherineVortex
Gerritson, TessChoose Me
Haig, MattThe Comfort Book
Hyde, Katherine BFatality with Forster
King, StephenBilly Summers
Macomber, DebbieIt’s Better This Way
Mayor, ArcherOrphan’s Guilt
McConaghy, CharlotteOnce There Were Wolves
McKinlay, JennWait for It
McKinnon, HannahMessage in the Sand
Oates, Joyce CarolBreathe
Patterson, JamesThe Shadow
Penny, LouisThe Madness of Crowds
Reichs, KathyBone Code
Rosenfelt, DavidDog Eat Dog
Waldron, LacieThe Layover
Woods, StuartClass Act
Laverriere, Marie A.Minimalism for Well-being
Paruk, James D. Loon Lessons

New Books for July 2021 
Brown, CarolynThe Hope Chest
Doiron, PaulDead by Dawn
Freidrichs, PeterAnd the Stars Kept Watch
Hilderbrand, ElinGolden Girl
Jackson, LisaThe Third Grave
Jance, JAUnfinished Business
Johansen, IrisThe Bullet
Lustbader, Eric VanKobalt Dossier
Martin, CharlesThe Letter Keeper
Martin, CharlesThe Water Keeper
Meltzer, BradTenth Justice
Phillips, Susan ElizabethWhen Stars Collide
Shaara, JeffThe Eagle’s Claw
Shriver, LionelShould we Stay or Should We Go?
Thor, BradBlack Ice
Wilson, SusanWhat a Dog Knows
Woods, StuartJackpot
Benedict, Marie & Christopher, VictoriaThe Personal Librarian
Letts, ElizabethThe Ride of Her Life
Miles, TiyaAll that She Carried

New Books for June 2021 
Andrews, Mary KayThe Newcomer
Atherton, NancyAunt Dimity and the Enchanted Cottage
Bohjalion, ChrisHour of the Witch
Brown, DaleArctic Storm Rising
Conley, SusanLandslide (Maine)
Brown, Rita MayRuby-Fruit Jungle
Hyde, Catherine RyanSeven Perfect Things
McKinlay, JennFor Batter or for Worse
Naigle, NancyThe Shell Collector
Parker/LupicaRobert B Parker’s Payback
Patterson, James21st Birthday
Quick, AmandaThe Lady has a Past
Roberts, NoraLegacy
Spenser, SallyThe Company
Weiner, JenniferThat Summer
Falkson, GDThe Secret Life of Kitty Granger
Mackesy, CharlieThe boy, the mole, the fox and the horse
Sheinmel, AlyssaThe Castle School (for troubled girls)
Wolk, LaurenEcho Mountain